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A Brief Timeout (Dick)

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Warning; This blog post is completely off topic.

We got a question today through our Contact Us form from a woman we don’t know named Susan…

Just wondering if everything is going okay?  It’s been awhile since you’ve updated.. and I miss it.

You’re right Susan, we have not posted in awhile and the short answer to your question is “no”… everything is not ok.

We’re not having relationship problems if that’s what you are thinking, the long answer is that my single father is aging in a very ungraceful way and transitioning quickly from independent to demented at scary speed. My discretionary time has evaporated… at a time when demands at work are also at a peak. It’s a perfect, stressful storm.

I won’t apologize for our absence or ask for understanding, to do so would suggest we owe something to our readers… which we don’t. This blog is solely for us, though we readily welcome and appreciate any like minded followers. The fact that we have been missed is genuinely touching and we would like to assure everyone who has read this far that we will be posting again soon.

The struggles I have faced in recent months have underscored the incredible value of my relationship with Jane who supports me at every difficult turn. Marriage, or even monogamy, does not suit everyone (to include my aging and lonely father) but it has proven itself invaluable to me over the many years of my commitment to Jane. We have our struggles; we disagree, we fight, we drift apart at times… but when it really matters she is there for me in a loving way no one else could be. She is my center. Thank you Jane.
For the rest of you… I make no promises, but life has a way of correcting itself and we should be back on track soon. The fact that you find our lives interesting enough to follow surprises us sometimes, we are both flattered and encouraged. We have drifted away from this blog a bit… but we are committed to it and the sexy fun it represents.

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