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9 Mistakes That Will Make Her Never Want To Have Sex With You Again

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Sex isn’t as cut and dry as you might think it is. Make any one of these nine sex mistakes and you can guarantee she won’t want to do it again – EVER.

You just had sex with her. Congratulations! You got laid! But will you get laid by her again? The answer is, it depends. On what? How well you rocked her world and how many sexual mistakes you made. What kind of mistakes?

What She Said About Bad Sex:

It’s really not fair what women put men through. I will admit we are a lot of work, and a lot of foreplay but when you get us, you got us and we can make you feel like King of the World. When you don’t get us, we will easily pack up our little self and walk out the door because we are women and there are other men. Some mistakes men make that lead women to never want to have sex with them again are:

  1. Jack hammer her from beginning to quickly reached end. Unless she says to you verbally, “Give it to me like you are 17 and don’t know what you are doing.” Don’t go at her all rabbit style. The huffing and pounding is not good for anyone. It will be hard for her to get into it and will most likely lead you to coming way too quickly.
  2. Skip foreplay. Why, why would you do this? If you want her to think you are the man then you need to warm her up! Take the time and kiss her, feel her, lick her all these things are good things and hell while you are at it, go down on her! She’s more likely to return the favor.
  3. Orgasm too soon. I know sometimes men can’t help themselves and lets face it, us women are pretty damn hot, so it makes sense that they sometimes lose control but guys should last longer then one Bruno Mars song. This is when foreplay comes back into, well play. If you think you are going to blow your load, why not slow down and focus on her. Or switch up sex positions. If none of that helps then think about baseball or your aunt whatever.
  4. Orgasm too late. By this I mean the rare (but they exist) guys that can go on and on for hours without the help of drugs. Don’t get me wrong we are super impressed that you can have hours of sex but after a while (and after we have come a few times) things start to chafe and sometimes we would rather have a sandwich.
  5. Don’t shower. A smelly guy is never ever a turn one and we will not be putting our mouths on anything that smells like sweat, dirt or a port a potty. Irish Spring yourself!
  6. Remind us of our fathers. Enough said.

What He Said About Bad Sex:

Women should give it up more, just for the sheer about of crap we have to go through just to get you naked. I mean seriously. All’s fair in love and war, my ass! Anyways, here are some other mistakes you should avoid making:

  1. Not cuddling. Even if you’re just hooking up with her, women like to feel a certain level of intimacy after sex, even more so if you’re in a relationship. Pumping and dumping will make her never want to screw you again. I know there are reasons you might have your orgasm and then not cuddle. Maybe you have a leg cramp and need to walk it off. Maybe you just have to pee. Hold it. Or you won’t get to hold on to her again.
  2. Not calling the next day. You should always leave a woman better than you found her. Part of that is what I call “the art of the dismount.” That simply means how you end the relationship or the interaction is as important or more important than what you did during the interaction. Always text or call the next day, even if you never want to see them again or if you just didn’t have a good time. You never want to leave her feeling cheap, easy or used, even if she spent her sexual encounter with you bound, gagged and begging to be treated like a whore. (That’s only fun in the moment.)
  3. No oral sex. There’s no excuse for not going down. IF you need tips, and tricks, just tell her. Most women are ecstatic to meet a guy who wants to get better at going down. But not giving her oral sex is a huge way to guarantee that you’ll never get to go down on her again.

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